Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Raging Stallion Signs Jason Adonis to Exclusive Contract

September 8, 2010. San Francisco porn powerhouse Raging Stallion Studios today announced that it has signed legendary superstar Jason Adonis to a 16 month contract to appear in feature films. Adonis recently shot a scene for Tony Dimarco’s BRUTAL—the big porn blockbuster movie for 2010. Adonis will make his first public appearance as a Raging Stallion Exclusive (and his first live appearance in L.A. in over six years!) at Micky’s on September 9th as part of the “Cocktails in the Forest” series. Adonis will also appear at the Raging Stallion booth at the Folsom Street Fair on Sept 26 in San Francisco.

Chris Ward was excited to be working with Adonis. “When Jason came to shoot with us we all hit it off very, very well. We were a bit worried—that stud has an infamous history! All we saw was a great looking guy who gave a great performance. He was delightful. We did not plan to sign him when he first arrived, but he asked us to consider him as an exclusive. He wanted to work with the top porn studio, and he thought Raging Stallion was the place to be.” Ward also noted that Jason is going to grow out his hair and beard and become a Raging Stallion Stud in the full sense of the word.

Adonis commented on his new job as follows: “If you would have asked me three weeks ago if I would ever be a Raging Stallion Exclusive, I would have said no. But here I am! I’m an exclusive and couldn't be happier. On August 24, around 10pm--the night before my stills for the movie Brutal--I looked up from Union Square in S.F. to see the biggest, brightest moon I had ever seen in my life. I thought this had to be a great sign! Raging Stallion felt like my new home. I spoke to Chris Ward and he liked the idea! We spoke of me doing nastier things, growing some body hair, face hair, hell, maybe even some fetish stuff, or interracial? We will just have to see. I am very much looking forward to a great adventure.“

David Forest, who has worked with Adonis for years – but just recently made the relationship official--is ecstatic about him being signed as a RS exclusive: “Jason will now have the shot in the arm that will move him into the uppermost level of male adult stars.”

Ward also noted that some commentators have questioned Raging Stallion’s policy of maintaining a large stable of exclusive stars. “We released 65 movies over the past 12 months and are looking towards releasing 85 in 2011—we are a huge production company and we have an ongoing need for top quality, exclusive talent. And now we are in the enviable position of having nearly every top star coming to us to join our company. We do not turn down top talent, especially when we have so much work for them. And who could say no to Jason Adonis?”