Thursday, July 15, 2010


While Lindsay Lohan found much success through Disney, it was 2004's Mean Girls, her first film outside of Disney Studios, that earned her recognition extending far beyond the tween audience. With the screenplay penned by our favorite funny girl Tina Fey, Lindsay earned some major comedic kudos, as well as an in with the Saturday Night Live crowd. Between 2004 and 2006, Lindsay Lohan hosted SNL three times.

In 2006, Lindsay Lohan ventured into indie territory with her role in A Prairie Home Companion costarring Meryl Streep. She went on to appear in Bobby along with an all-star cast that included Demi Moore and Sharon Stone. Holding her own against these high rollers, Lindsay continued to make a name for herself.

Lindsey Lohan signed on as a Ford Model when she was just 3 years old. The tot appeared in numerous ads and commercials, including one spot opposite Bill Cosby in a Jello ad. After a yearlong stint on the soap Another World, the precocious 11-year-old made her film debut twice over as the twins in the Disney remake of The Parent Trap.

A few years later, Lindsey Lohan starred in yet another successful Disney remake, Freaky Friday, followed by Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. During this time, Lindsay also pursued her interest in music, recording song for both flms' soundtracks. The young star's debut album, Speak, peaked at No. 4 on the Billboard 200.


And we continued to be as star-struck as ever by Lindsay Lohan, who had gone from Disney kid to sex symbol in the blink of an eye. Her acting swiftly became overshadowed by her wild social life—the tabloid's beloved "LiLo" outshining the silver screen's Lindsay Lohan. By 2007, the Hot 100 all-star was also a rehab repeat and a serial dater. She was sentenced to three years probation after pleading guilty to cocaine possession and driving under the influence. Ankle monitoring bracelets were finally in style.

In 2008, she made more waves with her new relationship: Lindsay Lohan and DJ Samantha Ronson suddenly seemed to be attached at the hip. The girl-on-girl action made serious waves in the press, but the two separated in 2009—a nasty break-up that included a restraining order and vicious tweets. But Lindsay proved herself to be as savvy and sexy as ever, recognizing the humor of her situation with her hilarious "E-Harmony" viral video on Funny Or Die.

Next up, she's trying to get her career back on track with a role in the upcoming Robert Rodriguez thriller, Machete, out later this year. Lindsay's had her fair share of Hollywood woes, but we want our favorite tabloid temptress to know that we'll be Lofans for life.