Sunday, May 30, 2010

Raging Stallion Wins 8 Grabbys!

Movie of the Year: 'Focus/Refocus'
Best Directors: 'Chris Ward, Tony DiMarco and Ben Leon'
Best Actor: 'Cole Streets'
Best Supporting Actor: 'David Taylor'
Best Newcomer: 'Austin Wilde'
Best Group Scene: Damien Crosse, Francesco D'Macho, Steve Cruz, Wilfried Knight, Angelo Marconi, Cole Streets 'Focus/Refocus'
Best Screenplay: Dan Rhodes 'Focus/Refocus'
Best Porn Star Blog: Ricky Sinz

Chris Ward : "I am really proud of our studio--Kent, Tony, Steve, Ben, Dan, Bruno and all the guys who make our company what it is. I really also have to thank the wonderful actors who over the past year put on some amazing shows for us! Its a real thrill to be at the top of our game and able to attract the most amazing talent in the world.

This is the third year in a row we have taken the top prizes--Raging Stallion is really on a roll and our hard work has really paid off. We are so fortunate to still be able to make these big budget films--the kind of movies that not only make lots of money but also stand the test of time and define erotica for a whole generation of porn consumers. And we have huge plans for our big fall shoots this year as well! Hopefully, we can out-do ourselves again next year."

Tony DiMarco : "Its awesome that we were able to do another big budget film this past year. The actors, the crew, the all added up to a great experience and a great film. And the backdrop of San Francisco! What better opportunity to tie sex and the city."