Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Naked Asian Hunk of the Day: Vietnam's Jeremy Tang

Jeremy Tang is a U.S.-based model who is originally from Vietnam. Like fellow countryman Van Darkholme, Jeremy's got a body to die for.

Here's what Jeremy has to say about himself:

My name is Jeremy Tang. I was born and raised in Vietnam. I currently live and model in New York. I love to travel and I do travel a lot. I am available to work international as runway, print, commercial, ads, fit. I am originally from Vietnam. Born and raised there.

I got my bachelor degree in Economic from University California of Los Angeles. I started my modeling job since I was in Vietnam. I have always been having a athletic body since I was a swimmer. My brother brought me to the modeling world. That is how I started. I enjoy it a lot. I treat my job professionally. Depend on what kind of assignment I am getting. But sleeping enough and eating properly are very important. If the assignment shows body, then I need about 1 to 2 weeks to prepare. I will properly eat healthier and training harder.

I enjoy every assignment I worked. Getting along with photographers and knowing the purpose of the shoot are very important. It just makes the shoot more enjoyable. For me, communication is the key. I have to feel comfortable with the people I work with in a very short time.

Imagine I am almost naked in front of everybody and still have to feel enjoy and relax. I must stay focused and follow the camera. My personal goals are to learn Spanish, stay in shape and healthy. Professional goals, I would like to get more modeling assignments in international recognition level.

My mother has been the greatest influences in my life. She is a hard worker. If she wants something, she will work hard to get it no matter how long it takes. I really like challenge. If I see something I like, I will go after it. And again, I am very patient as well. Staying healthy and in shape is not an easy job. It requires a lot of commitment and . I like to have that kind of quality in life.