Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Top 10 Reasons to Use If you get Caught going for an Erotic Massage

Being caught by a loved one when going for erotic massages in Toronto can be embarrassing and can seriously harm your relationship. That’s why it is absolutely VITAL to prepare a good list of excuses to use in case all your other cover-ups and alibis fail. Below is a list of the top 10 reasons to use if you get caught going for an adult massage in Toronto and have no other excuses left:

10) I deserve it because I work really hard!

9) Improving my confidence so I can please you better!

8) Working on addressing my premature ejaculation issues!

7) Went to stimulate my sexual senses so I would be ready for you!

6) My friends always do it!

5) (Insert masseuses name here) is really nice and respectful of my needs

4) Felt like my libido could use a boost!

3) My back hurts and I like the touch of a woman, what’s the big deal?

2) Honey, I swear I didn’t know it wasn’t a normal massage parlour!

1) I thought it was covered by my health plan!

Be sure to keep in mind this list of reasonable excuses the next time you go for an adult massage. Massages in Toronto can be an extremely enjoyable, relaxing and sensually satisfying experience. Just make sure that your actions are not hurting your relationship with the person you truly care about.